My Dear Blog, It’s Been a Year (!)

Upon the many times that I have realized that I have not blogged in quite a long time, a few different emotions have come to the surface – feelings like shame, embarrassment or frustration. But lately, I’ve felt motivation (finally!). It is very easy to allow the negative feelings to take over when we slack on one of our goals. I thought about what I would say to one of my friends in a similar situation. I would probably say – “Okay, what are you waiting for? It’s never too late!”

So what have I been up to?

A year ago, I started a new job that allows me to work from home and spend more time with my family. While I had full intentions of keeping up with my blogging, I was focused on learning my new job and meeting my goals related to my work. I have a tendency to feel imposter syndrome and starting a new job is ripe for imposter syndrome. By focusing on my new role, I was able to build up my confidence in a new work setting and identify my best practices.

After gaining my footing in my new role (where I provide career coaching virtually to students), I have been focusing on other areas that had been neglected such as physical and emotional wellness. I have been making time for yoga, running and meditation. Through this work, I have been reflecting on what else I need to add to my life to increase my happiness and fulfillment. I realized that I am ready to get back to ruminating on working and living well.

I work with a program that allows students to get training in a new field in a 3-6 month period. People that pursue the program typically want to make a life change – usually because they are unhappy in their career and want to do something that they have a passion for. It is truly inspiring to work with these individuals and see their hard work pay off in a new career. I work with individuals anywhere from 18-65 years old. While working with students in varying stages of their career trajectories, I have been reflecting on what it means to work and live well. And for me, writing is a way that I reflect.

Through reflection, I can ruminate on my own work-life balance and ways that I have taken positive steps in the right direction to find that balance and integration. I can also share stories and resources that have inspired me and made me take pause and think.

To say that this is a process is an understatement. I am constantly redirecting myself and finding new ways to find calm and purpose in my day. I am a natural over scheduler, so it is important that I continually refocus myself. To do this, I’ve started using a paper planner for the first time in 10+ years. And I am loving it!

Next blog, I am going to share what I am doing on a weekly basis to focus and redirect my actions.

In the meantime, here are some resources that have been helping me find my way back to purpose:

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